Terra & Co. - Brilliant Black Toothpaste Travel Size

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Our natural, teeth whitening Brilliant Organic Charcoal Toothpaste contains high-quality, activated charcoal, which works to help brighten your pearly whites. Why use activated charcoal for our teeth whitening and anti-cavity toothpaste? This gentle, organic charcoal toothpaste is great for those with sensitive teeth and gums. Our non-fluoride toothpaste also does not contain any sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS), peroxides, or Triclosan. This charcoal teeth whitening toothpaste also combines organic coconut and tea tree oils to remove plaque build-up, combat bacteria, and promote healthy oral care. Additionally, xylitol works to strengthen tooth enamel and help prevent cavities by fighting cavity-causing caries. Peppermint oil in our toothpaste not only acts as a germ-fighting antiseptic to combat bad breath, but the combination of this oil with xylitol will leave your mouth feeling clean and refreshed with an invigorating, sweet minty taste all day long.