Open to Beauty Green Onyx Earrings
Open to Beauty Green Onyx Earrings
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Open to Beauty Green Onyx Earrings

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Open your eyes to the beauty that lives all around; it will announce itself in the most unexpected of places. Petal-shaped 18kt gold plate earrings dangle from the ears, detailed with tiny dots on the outer edges, and accented with tiny green onyx, stone of grounding, guidance, and soothing. 

  • Lotus - new beginnings, infinite potential
  • Green onyx- Grounding, guidance, soothing
  • 60 x 25mm
  • 18 KT Gold Plated Brass

Throughout the world, the lotus represents new beginnings, rebirth and infinite potential. In nature, the lotus roots itself in mud, arising daily from the murky water to burst into bloom. 

Onyx is the stone of endurance, grounding, and perseverance.