• Lymphatic Flush

This massage centers around the manipulation of the lymphatic system in order to speed up recovery, boost immunity and or reduce swelling/edema in the body. This is a light to very light pressures massage that targets Lymphatic drainage sights. 


  • Deep Tissue Massage

This deep pressure massage consists of targeting & scanning the musculature for areas of increased tension, adhesions, knots etc. and freeing the body of all obstructions. Shaka developed his signature deep tissue massage style over a decade of work as a massage therapist & weight loss trainer.

Seeing the various ways a human body can be transformed in size, shape & density, Shaka took this knowledge whilst assessing the state of the soft tissue, and fused it with various forms of Bodywork, which has enabled him to create a style that is all his own.


  • Sports Massage

Deep tissue techniques coupled with passive stretching if needed, are infused into this session to target the active individuals areas of most concern. Perfect for yogis, runners, tennis players, crossfitters and more!


  • Prenatal Massage

Side lying and supine (lying face up) postures are utilized in this massage, coupled with light to medium pressure strokes to calm both baby & Mom to be. (Note: deep pressure is contraindicated for expectant mothers).


  • Therapeutic Massage

This massage is a non-invasive biologic treatment for early detection and prevention. We incorporate different massage modalities along with a full body muscle assessment so each session is tailored for your personal needs. Some areas of expertise are, antidote to stress, pain management, respiratory conditions and supported cancer care.



Shaka is a 15+ year veteran of the Wellness industry, and Co-Founder of the award winning Skinny Buddha Plant Based Wellness.  Shaka’s journey through life, and in the wellness field encompasses many disciplines/modalities. He is a NASM Certified Personal Trainer, OCB Men’s Physique Competitor, an (FNS) Fitness Nutrition Specialist, a Licensed Massage Therapist, an accomplished Boxer and more.

Shaka’s experience includes being a lead Massage therapist with the SISTEM Sports Massage team at the New York Marathon, and fighting in the U.S.A. Olympic Qualifiers, Empire State Games, and finals of the Golden Gloves in Madison Square Garden.  Shaka recently placed 3rd in his division in the OCB Battle of the Gods Mens Physique competition as the only Vegan competitor.  

Between fellow therapists, friends, and associates, Shaka is viewed as a very talented therapist, with arguably a pair of the best hands in the country!  



Alecia is a New York State licensed and eighteen year veteran of massage therapy.

She obtained her degree from New York College of Health Professions, a division of holistic health education and research (located on Long Island in Syosset NY) she now specialize in Medical/Therapeutic massage as an out of network provider and member of CAQH (Council on affordable quality healthcare).

Currently she is the president/CEO of a non-profit foundation located in Westchester County providing health education and massage services to the underserved community of Veterans, Minorities, and the elderly.



  • 50 Minutes - $199
  • 80 Minutes - $275  
hOMeBody Services Policy:
  • No appointment can be made unless non refundable $75 deposit or full payment is made.
  • Any cancellations or rescheduling within the 48 hour window is subject to the $75 NON Refundable fee.
  • All services purchased are final and non refundable.