Important hOMeBody Studio Updates!

Important hOMeBody Studio Updates!

As we close out 2022 and enter in 2023, we have our sights high and will be aiming to better serve you in your wellness journeys and experience here at hOMeBody Yoga & Wellness.  
As you may have noticed, we now have new services and new classes as well as a growing team to support you ❤️️.
With this and the rising costs of business, we are unable to maintain our current class rates and will be DISCONTINUING our current pricing as of 12/31/22.  All packages will increase, as well as our memberships.
Please see below for the NEW RATES:
  • Single Class: $38
  • 5 Class Pass: $175
  • 10 Class Pass: $299
  • Unlimited Monthly Membership: $242 (with 3 month minimum contract)
**Please note, NO MEMBERSHIPS WILL BE AUTO-RENEWED AS OF JANUARY.  You will need to inform us in person or via email with a written consent to enroll into the new pricing package. 
For a limited time We are offering one last chance to become a hOMeBody Monthly member. 6 MONTH UNLIMITED CLASS PASS $999 (offer expires 12/25)



We will be adding more classes, services AND workshops each month so stay tuned for more announcements to come!

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