Blissful Balance: Libra New Moon Workshop

Blissful Balance: Libra New Moon Workshop

October 5, 2021



Lisa Barner will share insight on current astrology/moon cycle and will offer attendees immersive relaxation through guided meditation, light invocation + blessing, energetic cleansing/clearing through the ‘holy smoke’ of sage and palo santo and reiki healing.


Daniel Lauter is a Musician, Educator & Integrative Sound Specialist, who creates custom experiences through Sound Meditations, Mindfulness, Audio & Visual Immersion, and Alchemy.


Daniel will accompany Lisa’s healing arts with his gifts of sound. To activate a union of bliss and balance, we inspire to


Breath, listen deeply and imagine we can see the stillness within our Soundbody. 


At that intersection we mix alchemy with exquisite sound bath instruments, and loops.


All are welcome! See you there!


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